Cyber Security Services
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Cyber Security Services

Identity Access Management

While many organizations are focused on protecting individual network segments of their IT infrastructure, the question of user-centric identity is very often neglected. At CTI Global, we view identity management as a critical component of IT security and one which if neglected, can severely impact levels of IT governance.

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Advisory and Risk Management Services

CTI Global works with an enterprise’s information security risk practitioners to identify organizational risk. The foundation of information security is not patching, or good code design, or training users to avoid phishing. The foundation is, pure and simple, risk management.

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Secure Network as a Service

CTI Global view the deployment of next generation firewall technology as a key tool in the war against cyber threats and the attempted interception of data across multiple end-points. Data security remains top of the CIO agenda and with malware increasing, pro-active, pre-emptive action coupled with continued vigilance is the order of the day.

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Security Products Portfolio

CTI Global supports best of breed security solutions and vendors. In today’s world, global organizations don’t want products — they need an outcome. Our global team of technologists help our clients navigate the ever-changing cyber threat landscape to provide transparency into what security strategies are needed and where investments should be made.

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