Private Cloud
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Private Cloud

Many organizations prefer dedicated hardware to run their IT services, either housed on premise or co-located in a managed data center.  At CTI, we offer both delivery options, complemented by a suite of other solutions and services to manage, secure, backup and protect your data.

How We Help

  • Advisory services to help you determine the right IT strategy for your business

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with dedicated infrastructure or co-location of hardware in one of our global data centers

  • Self-managed infrastructure or managed and monitored by CTI professional services

  • Orchestration services across hybrid cloud environments to enable creation of time-sensitive workflows for your DevOps team

  • Defined SLAs designed to suit your business requirements

Local Support, Global Reach

How You Benefit

  • More controlled, architected environment for business-critical and/or legacy applications

  • Ensure regulatory compliance for certain jurisdictions and industries

  • Greater cost predictability with more rigid scaling of IT resources

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