Cloud IaaS is an IT infrastructure model that converges the flexibility of outsourcing with the power and comfort of end-use client provisioning, controlled through the dynamics of virtualisation.

The Security of your Data

CTIGlobal paramount focus is on the security of your data as well as the ability to always access it. By employing a resilient enterprise class platform using IBM, Cisco, and VMWare, CTIGlobal guarantee to you is ‘secure’ and ‘always-on’ cloud infrastructure.

Who Uses Our Cloud?

Individual partnerships, entrepreneurs, developers, business start-ups, small and medium sized private companies, Russell 2000 companies, as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Our Service Platform

CTIGlobal Cloud Service Platform properly addresses and conforms to two vital requirements; compliance and security, and is used by a cross-section of business verticals.

Our clients include commercial banks, hedge funds and private equity partnerships, insurance companies, legal firms, utilities, healthcare, consumer products, B2B commerce as well as public sector bodies and non-profit organisations. In a nutshell, people who need secure, always accessible, resilient cloud services.

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