Ping Identity provides identity solutions to worldwide organizations. Ping is recognized as identity leader by the Gartner Group. Ping has three distinct product offerings.

PingFederate provides three Identity and Security capabilities.

  • Cloud Single Sign-On (SSO) using standard identity protocols; PingFederate allows employees, customers or partners access to multiple cloud resources using a single username and password.
  • Automated Cloud User Provisioning; PingFederate automatically creates user accounts in cloud applications whether you’re an enterprise sending employee attributes to a SaaS vendor or a cloud business creating accounts based on incoming assertions.
  • Securing Web Services; Using industry standards, PingFederate’s Security Token Service allows applications to add identity information to their API calls.

PingOne provides Cloud Access Services to link an organization’s user directory to all of their cloud applications for a simple, proven and secure cloud identity management solution. Ping provides access to all your cloud apps with a single connection to your user directory.

With one connection from your user directory to PingOne, Cloud Access Services gives you secure and convenient access to multiple cloud applications.

  • Tier 1 SSO. With zero-tolerance for storing passwords or managing duplicate accounts in the Cloud, this exclusively standards-based network means identities never leave the user directory.
  • Just-in-Time Provisioning. By managing accounts in the user directory, IT has one place to create, update and delete accounts, regaining centralized control of its user accounts and their applications.

With one set of credentials, users log in once to their user directory and gain immediate access to all their cloud applications from this customizable portal.

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