Google Apps and Office 365

CTIGlobal provides Google Apps and Office 365 as cloud-based messaging and collaboration solutions. We offer migration services to assist clients with the migration to these solutions from existing platforms. In addition, we provide admin and end user training. We have experience migrating clients to these solutions from Exchange, GroupWise, Sun Microsystems/Oracle and Domino.

Both solutions comprise a suite of applications that include email, calendar, instant messaging, video conferencing, and secure document sharing. From an infrastructure perspective, Google and Microsoft manage performance, data backup, patch management and software upgrades. The combination of applications offered and application and platform management makes these solution cost effective while making users more productive.

Zixcorp is the preferred solution for insuring HIPAA compliance. ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service let healthcare organizations instantly plug into the largest email encryption directory in the world. The ZixDirectory® boasts tens of millions of members. Once connected, users send and receive secure email without having to manage encryption keys. ZixCorp provides automated key management for its customers in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services and government.

ZixDLP combines their proven policy and content scanning capabilities with an intuitive quarantine interface. The interface allows administrators to:

  • Easily define policies and create custom lexicons for quarantining email
  • Specify credentials to authorize and review quarantined email messages
  • Manage quarantined messages using flexible searching and filtering options
  • Release or delete individual or multiple quarantined messages with one click
  • Review reports that monitor quarantine activities and trends
  • Automate custom notifications informing employees of quarantined messages

It is a mobile app that simplifies the BYOD challenge by enabling easy access to the most used business application on mobile devices - email. ZixOne raises the bar on BYOD security by not allowing email data to reside on the device. Through a secure email environment, employees interact with their mobile email as usual. If the device is lost or stolen, companies disable access. Because data does not reside on the device, companies do not have to manage or worry about thousands of copies of emails and attachments. In addition, ZixOne offers reporting capabilities to determine what email was last accessed on the device, which assists compliance and security officers with their regulatory obligations.


Provides web security as part of their massively scalable global Security as a Service platform that sits in-line between your company and the Internet, protecting your enterprise from cyber threats, stopping intellectual property leakage and ensuring compliance with corporate policies and statutory regulations. The Zscaler system scans all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic irrespective of device or location, thus ensuring comprehensive security and compliance for today’s ‘boundary-less’ enterprises. Zscaler web security protects you from a broad range of web security threats including malicious URL requests, viruses, advanced persistent threats, adware, spyware, botnets, cross-site scripting and much more.

Zscaler’s integrated Security as a Service platform combines multiple layers of security - true defense in depth - into a single, seamless system. Our platform includes technologies such as MD5 signature blocking, anti-virus, intrusion detection, content inspection, machine learning, threat assessment, SSL decryption, cloud mining, risk profiling, sandboxing, advanced persistent threat (APT) protection and much more. We always scan every byte of Internet traffic, both inbound and outbound, and unlike appliances we are always in-line and we never fail-open under high loads.

Cisco Cloud Web Security

Provides superb visibility, consistent control, and advanced threat protection before, during, and after an attack. Cisco Cloud Web provides Web Filtering, Web page Anti-malware, Web Reputation, File Sandboxing Application Visibility and Control.

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