Palo Alto Networks

Provides a next generation firewall that provides application visibility, SSL decryption, content security, a VMWare -based virtualized firewall suite and Traps.

Traps takes a unique prevention-oriented approach to addressing advanced attacks on endpoints by identifying and blocking the techniques used by attackers as they attempt to exploit a vulnerability, or deliver malware directly to an endpoint. This approach enables Traps to stop even unknown malware and zero-day exploits from compromising an endpoint, and eliminates the need to rely solely on signatures and security patches for protection.


The Fortinet Advanced Threat Protection Framework consists of three integrated elements, working hand-in-hand:

  • Prevent - Act on known threats and information
  • Detect - Identify unknown or unrecognizable threats
  • Mitigate - Respond to potential attacks

This 3-part framework is conceptually simple; however it covers a broad set of both advanced and traditional tools for network, application and endpoint security, threat detection, and mitigation. These tools are powered by strong research and threat intelligence capabilities that transform information into actionable protection.

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