DRaaS Powered by Zerto

Zerto Virtual Replication is the industry’s first hypervisor-based replication solution, a new replication technology purpose-built for virtual environments. Zerto offers an enterprise-class, cloud-based Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) offering, including

  • VMware & Hyper-V – replicates specific VMs regardless of LUNs
  • Full integration into VMware vCloud Director enabling simplified and centralized management while ensuring security
  • Array agnostic – replicates from any storage to any storage
  • Fully automates the entire failover and failback process, including creation of all the VMs, reconfiguring IP addresses and executing custom scripts
  • Software only – no capital expenditures, no changes to environment
  • Automated recovery – one-click recovery, including VM/vApp creation and network configuration
  • Comprehensive testing – automated, immediate failover testing and validation
  • WAN optimization – built-in WAN compression and application policies

We keep an eye on every machine we back up and are alerted to issues. We monitor your entire back-up environment so that you can be sure your back-ups will be ready when you need them.

  • Single automated solution that provides data protection and workload mobility both ‘to the cloud’ and ‘in the cloud’
  • Zerto Cloud Manager (ZCM) manages resources and service levels across physical locations and provides a single, centralized view
  • Zero RPO
  • RTO in minutes
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